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Rebuilt Transmissions Save Thousands!

*Prices reflect 1994 - 1995 Discovery I Transmissions

At, we have a team of industry experts that work in-house for all professional rebuilding. Roverland implements a rigorous inspection and preparation process, so each transmission is rebuilt to factory specs, including:

1. Complete disassembly and replacement of all parts including pumps, drums, planetaries, shafts, etc.

2. Complete Rebuild and pressure test of the Valve Body.

3. Installation of complete Banner Kit to include steels, frictions, and all internal wear items.

4. All ZF suggested updates are installed.

5. In the case of 2006 and newer Range Rovers, Installation of NEW Mechatronic Valve Body/ECU Assembly Preprogrammed to the Customers Vehicle Identification Number.

6. Capping all air sensitive openings. 2 and 3 Year Guarantee options.

Extended Warranties:
One Additional Year (+ $200.00)
Two Additional Years (+ $375.00)

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