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Differentials (Rebuilt)

We offer a 1 Year/Unlimited Miles Guarantee on all of our REBUILT DIFFERENTIALS.

At, we have a team of industry experts that work in-house for all professional rebuilding. Roverland Parts implements a rigorous inspection and preparation process, so each Differential is rebuilt to factory specs, including:

  1. Complete Disassembly of the Differential.

  2. Cleaning, Blasting and Treating of the Inside of Differential Housing to Avoid any Future Recurrence of Contamination as occurred from the Factory Flawed Coating.

  3. Replacement of All Bearings, Races and Seals.

  4. Replacement of Ring Gear, Pinion and Spider Gears as needed.

  5. Meticulous Reassembly to Factory Specifications with all New Hardware.

  6. Detailing of the Exterior to Look Factory New.

Both and Land Rover Dealers recommend the complete replacement of a Faulty Differential. The replacement parts are not easily acquired and assembly is quite difficult.

All Differentials are shipped dry. Please consult the Land Rover Dealer for the Proper Fluid for your application.

All of our Land Rover Differentials are Shipped by FedEx Ground or Express. They typically

weigh between 50 Lbs. and 100 Lbs. Cost of ground shipping is usually between $50 and $100.

To get a rate quote, just add the Differential to your shopping cart and enter your zip code into

the box and click “Get Rates”.

For U.S. Customers, the core charge is $200 USD and will be refunded, if the original Land Rover Differential is returned to within 30 days. will pay all return shipping expenses. After installing the new Differential, simply reuse our packaging to wrap your core Differential. Call or email Roverland Parts when it is ready. We will dispatch FedEx for the pick up at our expense. For international customers, the core deposit amount is $1000 USD. The arrangements for returning the core are the responsibility of the customer. Failure to return the core WILL void the warranty.

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