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Does your Land Rover Engine have
Secondary Air Injection?

Starting in 1999, Land Rover offered it's V8 in two versions, with Secondary Air Injection and without.

Secondary Air Injection Pipes                Secondary Air Injection Pump

Range Rover Engine with Secondary Air Injection.

On the right side of the engine compartment, (passengers side) there is an Air Pump just about midway down the side mounted to the fenderwell. There is also a Diverter Valves and Air Pipes located on each cylinder head.  The are the two shiny objects on both sides of the engine.

Discovery II engine with Secondary Air Injection

Similar to the Range Rover, the shiny tops of the Diverter Valves can be seen on each side of the engine. With the Discovery II the Air Pump is tucked in  the right rear corner of the engine compartment, and is mounted sideways as compared to the Range Rover.

Engine Code as a way to tell if it has Secondary Air Injection.

You can also identify the Secondary Air by looking at the engine code that is stamped on the engine. The engine code is located on the left side of the engine down between the two center cylinders.You will find the Engine Serial Number, and compression ratio.

The first three digits of the Engine Serial Number is the Engine Code. These numbers tell you the engine size and the application. These are the codes for the late Bosch engines.

56D 1999 - 2002 4.0 liter w/o Secondary Air Injection
94D 1999 - 2002 4.0 liter with Secondary Air Injection
90D 1999 - 2002 4.6 liter w/o Secondary Air Injection
96D 1999 - 2002 4.6 liter with Secondary Air Injection
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