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1999-2002 Discovery II Tail Light (Body) - Left - **Blemished** L4

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Model: Discovery

Land Rover Part #: XFB000170

Part # XFB000170 Located in body.

Blemished part, please see picture for additional photos.

The Left Side is the Drivers Side and the Right Side is the Passenger Side.

If your truck was made in 1999, please confirm you have a Discovery II model. This part will "NOT" fit a Discovery I model. Tip:

In 1999 Land Rover manufactured both the Discovery I and Discovery II models. If you are uncertain of your truck model, please check your VIN number.

- 1999 Discovery I model VIN numbers begin with "SALJY"
- 1999 Discovery II model VIN numbers begin with "SALTY"

Your VIN number is located:
- On your vehicle registration
On the drivers side door
- On the left front corner of the dash, visible from outside the windshield

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