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Transmissions - Rebuilt

We offer a 1 Year/Unlimited Miles Guarantee on all of our REBUILT TRANSMISSIONS.

At, we have a team of industry experts that work in-house for all professional rebuilding. Roverland implements a rigorous inspection and preparation process, so each transmission is rebuilt to factory specs, including:

  1. Complete disassembly and replacement of all parts including pumps, drums, planetaries, shafts, etc.

  2. Complete Rebuild and pressure test of the Valve Body.

  3. Installation of complete Banner Kit to include steels, frictions, and all internal wear items.

  4. All ZF suggested updates are installed.

  5. In the case of 2006 and newer Range Rovers, Installation of NEW Mechatronic Valve Body/ECU Assembly Preprogrammed to the Customers Vehicle Identification Number.

  6. Capping all air sensitive openings.

Both and Land Rover Dealers recommend the complete replacement of a faulty Land Rover transmissions. Neither nor Land Rover Dealers recommend attempting to repair or rebuild a faulty transmission. A transmission shop may attempt the repair, but will have a hard time finding the right parts. Unfortunately, they won't find this out until the transmission has been disassembled.

The manufacturer requires the replacement of transmission cooler and lines. Failure to do so can result in a catastrophic failure, and will not be covered by RL Parts INC.

All of our Land Rover transmissions are shipped in new custom crates that are designed to operate as a pallet. They are fully enclosed in order to protect the Land Rover transmissions against the hazards of shipping. Many auto part companies will ship transmissions strapped to a pallet and covered in cardboard. does not cover charges for a lift gates on FedEx trucks.

For additional information, please visit Roverland Part's Shipping Information and F.A.Qs. You may also visit FedEx Freight.

We recommend drop shipping your new transmission to the shop or facility that will be performing the installation. Loaded with a transmission, these crates can weigh up to 500 pounds.

No core charge is due, if the original Land Rover transmission is returned to within 30 days. will pay all return shipping expenses. After installing the new transmission, call to arrange for pickup of the original transmission. Please note, the transmission must be returned in the original wooden shipping crate. For international customers or US Based customers, if core returns are not feasible or available, please call or email for core deposit amount.

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