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1995-1998 Range Rover Engine 4.0L V8 - (REBUILT)

1995-1998 Range Rover Engine 4.0L V8
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Model: Range Rover

Completely Rebuilt Engine

Preparation Process

1) Test running the engine prior to dismantling the truck.
2) Removing the oil pan.
3) Cleaning the oil sump pickup.
4) Checking the main and rod bearings.
5) Re-sealing the oil pan.
6) Removing the valve covers, cleaning and recoating the valve covers.
7) Removing the cylinder heads.
8) Pressure checking and steam cleaning the cylinder heads.
9) Removing, inspecting, and cleaning the rocker shafts.
10) The rebuilt cylinder heads are re-installed with new head gaskets and bolts.
11) Re-sealing the valve covers with new gaskets.
12) Replacement of the valley pan gasket and end seals.
13) Replacement of the front and rear main seals.
14) Removing and rebuilding the oil pump.
15) The oil pump is re-installed with a new gasket.
16) A new water pump is installed.
17) New spark plugs are installed.
18) Capping all of the air sensitive openings.
19) Pressure washing and detailing the engine.

A complete engine assembly from, excludes accessories such as: Starter, Alternator, AC Compressor, and Power Steering Pump.

Warranty engines come with a 6 Month warranty from the original date of purchase. The warranty covers the engine under normal operating conditions. The engine is guaranteed against engine knock and excessive oil use. The warranty does not cover installation errors, oil leaks or the labor costs associated with them. Disassembly voids warranty.


Please note, Land Rover engines are oversized items and will be shipped Freight Collect via FedEx Freight. No shipping charges are collected by Buyer pays all shipping charges directly to the FedEx driver when the item is received.

We recommend drop shipping your engine to the shop or facility that will be performing the installation. Loaded with an engine, these crates can weigh up to 500 pounds. Shipping to a residential address or the use of a lift gate are additional costs.

For additional information, please visit RL Parts's Shipping Information and F.A.Qs. You may also visit FedEx Freight.

Installation Notice

When shipping our engines, RL Parts keeps fuel injectors installed on the engine in order to keep the engine sealed from debris. Please note, we recommend strongly that the fuel injectors replaced, as we do not warranty their condition. All of our engines are shipped completely dry from any fluids. Please be sure to fill the fluids to Land Rover specifications.

Core Notice

No core deposit is required, if the original engine is returned to within 30 days. will pay all return ship

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